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Up to now, STI (Science, Technology, Innovation) studies are either rich but small scale (qualitative case studies) or large scale and under-complex – because they generally use only a single dataset like Patstat, Scopus, WoS (Web of Science), OECD STI indicators, etc., and therefore deploying only a few variables – determined by the data available. However, progress in the STI research field depends in our view on the ability to do large-scale studies with often many variables specified by relevant theories: There is a need for studies which are at the same time big and rich. To enable that, combining and integration of STI data and beyond is needed – in order to exploit the huge amount of data that are ‘out there’ in an innovative and meaningful way.
The aim of the Semantically Mapping Science (SMS) platform as the technical core within the RISIS EU project is to produce richer data to be used in social research – through the integration of heterogeneous datasets, ranging from tabular statistical data to unstructured data found on the Web.  Read more...

Quick Links:

RISIS Project Website
RISIS EU project aims to build a distributed infrastructure on data relevant for research and innovation dynamics and policies.
RISIS Datasets Portal
A portal with list of metadata about RISIS datasets where users can request for access/visit to a dataset.
SMS Platform Documentation
Complete documentation of SMS platform.
SMS Poster
A poster demonstrating the overall data flow within the SMS system.
SMS Linked Data APIs
List of exposed SMS Web APIs with documentation.
SMS/RISIS Github Repositories
Open source code of RISIS platforms.
Linked Data Reactor
An open source software framework which empowers SMS platform for linked data view, browse and editing.
SMS Youtube Channel
A list of tutorials on how to use SMS services and applications.